eUICC Software Profile - Postpaid CYMG01


Price includes

  • GSMA compliant eUICC software profile, can be downloaded onto a ConnectedYou eUICC based SIM/eSIM.
  • User may anytime download a different connectivity supplier profile from ConnectedYou marketplace and switch suppliers FREE OF CHARGE.
    • All ConnectedYou eUICC based eSIMs are powered by ConnectedYou's Subscription Management/RSP orchestration with ability to remotely change subscriptions (if device supports eUICC compliance).

User has a choice to migrate to another prepaid or postpaid rate plan available on CYMG01 profile at anytime.

    User must create an account at ConnectedYou IoT eSIMs are managed through the ConnectedYou management console and APIs.

    If you need larger volume of SIMs or if you have question please contact us at

        Pricing Structure

        • MBF - Monthly Basic Fee
          • This is a basic fee charged per active eSIM per month. See table below, price is calculated on a cumulative model, meaning in a given month total active eSIMs are calculated and the first 500 active eSIMs will be charged at EUR 0.20, the next 500 eSIMs will be charged at EUR 0.15 and so on.
          Price Item Price (EUR)
          Up to 500 €0.20
          501 to 1,000 €0.15
          Above 1,000 €0.12
          • Reactivation charge
            • User may change the eSIM state from ACTIVE to SUSPENDED at any given time. An eSIM in SUSPENDED state does not send data/SMS and does not incur any MBF and MMC costs.
              • If the eSIM is moved to ACTIVE state within 6 months of SUSPENSION, there is no charge for activation.
              • If the eSIM is moved to ACTIVE state after 6 months of SUSPENSION, there will be a one time reactivation charge of EUR 1.00.
            • Termination charge
              • WARNING: User may terminate an eSIM at any time and there is no charge for termination. However, once the eSIM is terminated it will never connect to network again and will be permanently terminated from the network.
              • Communication Fee

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